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Welcome to my world. Here, you will discover a selection of my creations spanning the recent years. Some of them have found their forever homes in galleries or private collections, and some are still available for purchase or reproduction. If you find a piece speaking to your heart, or if you are seeking to add a unique story to your collection, please don't hesitate to contact us or email us at for more information or to express your interest.

-- Yu Tan, March 2024

After leaving

2019 Necklace 1320*100*20mm 925 silver

After leaving

2019 140*95*70mm Sculpture Bronze

After leaving

2019 Ring 70*55*45mm Bronze

After leaving

2019 Brooch 54*95*18mm Bronze/ Stainless steel/ Silver

The Three Of Me III

2020 256*190cm Acrylic painting

Living in the box I

2020 Brooch 28*42*18mm 925 Silver/ Stainless steel pin

The Three Of Me I

2020 256*190cm Acrylic painting

Living in the box II

2020 Brooch

60*55*55mm 925 Silver/Pearl/ Stainless steel pin

Living in the box III-V

2020 Brooch 80*40*6mm,40*40*6mm,25*25*25mm925 Silver plated 18k gold/Pearl/Stainless steel pin

Red Moon I

2020 Installation, Jewelry 20-65mm, variable Resin/Magnet/Stainless steel pin

Mum's Gift

2020 Jewelry 155*105*50mm
925 Silver/Wooden/Stainless steel scissor