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Engagement Rings

We understand that your love is one-of-a-kind, and so should be the symbol that binds your journey together. At YUTAN jewelry studio, we work with you to imbue your engagement rings with the meaning you hold dearest to your heart. With our personalized craftsmanship, we weave the essence of your unique love story into every facet of our meticulously crafted rings. Let us transform your dream into timeless sparkling declarations that not only captures hearts but also tells the extraordinary tale of your love.

How it works

Craft Your Love Story with a Custom-Designed Engagement Ring!


During consultation, we invite you to share your inspirations – from cherished stories and pivotal moments to the times and places that hold special meaning for both of you. We will also go over your desired style along with specific requirements, including metal type, preferred gemstone, and budget. We will work together to explore options to ensure all of your preferences are captured. To schedule a consultation, please use the contact form or email us at Please include a short description of your idea engagement ring and your preferred materials and budget to help us best prepare to assist you.


We will transform your inspiration and specifications into preliminary sketches and present you with 2-3 design options. Your will provide us with feedback to guide adjustments to ensure the final piece aligns perfectly with your expectations.

Stone Selection

Upon sketch approval, we'll showcase a selection of responsibly-sourced diamonds or gemstones that fit your requirements and budget. An appointment will be scheduled for you to examine and compare stones based on quality, cut, color, and size, allowing you to make an informed decision.


After finalizing the design, we use CAD technology to create a detailed digital model for your custom piece. You can visualize the final product from all angles, provide feedback for further revisions. Once you approve of the CAD model, we will proceed to the production stage. We will cast the 3D model in the metal of your choice, and then hand-set the gemstones and hand-finished your custom piece with precision and care.


Once your custom ring is ready, we coordinate its delivery. Additionally, we'll schedule an appointment to discuss care and cleaning, provide relevant certifications for diamonds and gemstones, and cover topics such as ring insurance and shipping options to ensure your satisfaction with the entire process. For engagement rings, a specially crafted hand-sketched picture, tailored to narrate your unique story, will also be included.

Get Inspired

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