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I Do! Pendant

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Designer Notes

I Do! is an unconventional art jewelry design attempt to challenge the conventional notion of engagement rings. Featuring an outwardly pristine solitaire engagement ring design and the bold, inherent danger of the thorn, this design sparks a dialogue about the dichotomy of love. Will you still say “I do” faithfully, when confronted with the reality that the seamless and uncomplicated love, as dictated by societal expectations, is no longer possible?

This piece has been featured in various galleries and exhibitions (specify). Surprisingly, besides captivating audiences in the art world, it has also resonated with clients seeking to defy conventionality in their engagement rings. Several of my clients have expressed a keen interest in adopting this design for their engagement rings, joining in the exploration of the definition and meaning of an unwearable engagement ring. Interestingly, many have contemplated wearing it as a pendant, further blurring the lines between conventional and unconventional expressions of love and commitment.

Materials: 18k gold-plated sterling silver
Center stone: 1ct cubic zirconia.
Chain is not included.

This is a fashion jewelry piece made with sterling silver and cubic zirconia. Upon request, we are able to offer the fine jewelry version of this design in precious metal and stones. Please do not hesitate to request a quote from us. 

I Do! Pendant
I Do! Pendant Sale price$135.00 USD

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